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Parent Advisory

ParentAdvisoryCouncil.jpgWhat are Parent Advisory Councils (PACs)?
The goal of the school councils is to help strengthen partnerships between our school and families for the success of all students through mutual support an accountability.  The parent advisory councils are not the same as our Booster Club which is primarily a fundraising and volunteering-coordinating organization.

Our two PACs are your opportunity to learn about and contribute to academic content and school budgeting decisions. The two councils are School Site Council (SSC) and English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC). LAUSD PAC link.

Our PACs are only successful when we have involvement from both dedicated staff and parent members.  Staff committee members are Ms. Kitano, Ms. Davis, Ms. Zaret, and Ms. Blue.

Do I need special training or preparation to be a PAC member?
No prior preparation is needed.  Participating parents will receive training and support "on the job" while participating in decisions to raise student achievement.