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Read-a-thon Dates: October 7 - 16th, 2022

Join us October 7 - 16 as we read to raise money for our school! Sign up now to get your pledges in!

We are bringing the READ-A-THON back this year with two goals:

1. Make Reading Fun!

  • Develop great reading habits
  • Gain confidence in new reading skills
  • Become enthusiastic about reading and therefore learning!

2. Raise Funds for our Awesome School!

100% of Read-a-thon pledges go to the school to pay for enrichment for all children! 

We pay for:

  • Garden Education
  • Drama Program
  • PS Science
  • Arts Program
  • Teacher Supplies
  • PE and more...

Girl on Read-a-thon

How Do I Raise Money?

  • Sign up at the PDR Pledgestar website to collect pledges
  • Click “Not Registered For This Year’s Event”
  • Enter your name and email address, then click “Submit”
  • Follow the instructions on-screen to register students
  • Add yourself as a Donor to make your own pledge AND to see the "Donate Now" and Social Media share options
  • Add friends and family to send donation requests by email or text
  • You'll be notified each time a pledge is made, and you can track your pledge progress online
  • Send 10 emails or more to count towards your class' participation. Classes with 50%+ participation will get to attend a DJ Jeff Popsicle Party!

If you need help using the Pledgestar site, call 1-888-598-7510 or submit a help request through Pledgestar.

Read-a-thon: Oct 7-16